Dr. Tamara Colebank

In June of 2019, we welcomed Dr. Colebank to the Morningstar team.

Dr. Tam Colebank grew up in Highlands Ranch, CO.  Her love for veterinary medicine began in high school when she interned at a neighboring small animal veterinary clinic.  She attended Colorado State University, where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences in May 2014 followed by her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in May 2019. Dr. Colebank worked in numerous veterinary clinics while pursuing her degrees, working primarily with dogs, cats and exotic animals.  Her veterinary education expanded her exposure to include horses and livestock.  While attending CSU vet school, she also completed course work outside of the standard curriculum, including osteopathy, massage therapy, energy medicine, food therapy and acupuncture. 

Dr. Colebank’s career passion is integrative medicine for small animals. She believes integrative care is the best way to practice veterinary medicine. It utilizes the conventional western medicine understanding of the physical body and how to treat dangerous quick onset diseases, combined with eastern holistic medicine, that looks at the body and its interaction with all aspects of life including emotions, daily experiences, organ energetics and cell functions. All parts must work together cohesively to effectively combat illness. By combining conventional and holistic veterinary medicine, she believes this medical care can support animals to outlive those that receive conventional veterinary care alone. She strongly supports early identification of disease and regular integrative check-ups to help their animals live a long healthy life.

She is excited to meet the wonderful clients and pets that make up the Morningstar care family.